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Here is what a few of our customers had to say...

  • Our Loan Officer at Bank of England Mortgage guided us on using my VA home loan and everything, I mean everything went just as he said it would, we closed in just over 30 days. Could not be happier with the service and the GREAT interest rate!!!!! Thank you!

    - Mr. McArthur, Ardmore, OK
  • I was finally able to move into my house this weekend and I wanted to take a minute to thank BOE Mortgage and my loan consultant, Tommy Hefflinger. There were quite a few issues that were completely out of Tommy's hands, but he was there at every turn to offer suggestions or solutions. I don't think there is any way I would have been able to close this loan and purchase this house if I wasn't working with him. There were several points during the transaction where everyone involved was ready to give up and let it go. I can understand why, it was a very small loan and no one was getting paid much, it was very important to me and Tommy made it happen. He came to my signing to make sure everything went ok and even helped me move when he heard I really didn't have any help. I'm a single mom, I didn't really have anyone helping me through this, so it meant a lot to me to feel like he was on my side during this whole thing. I will definitely use him for any future purchases and I've already sent him some referrals.

    - Amber K. - Dallas, TX
  • As you know, last June I began the process of looking for a mortgage for a home I was purchasing in Santa Fe, NM. I had no fewer than 4 lenders lined up all very excited about loaning me $450,000+ to purchase my home. However, their enthusiasm quickly faded when I inquired about using my VA loan benefit. Responses ranged from "they are too hard to process" to "we don't make money on VA loans", to "it takes to long" to "I don't want to do VA... but if you don't get aproved we'll do a conventional." Not very encouraging... I said to one lender that I probably should have told the Army when they drafted me that "fighting a war is too hard so I don't feel like going." He wasn't amused.

    Then you and Jessica came along in August and immediately told me that the VA process is long and very comprhensive (painful)... kind of like a root cana. Never once did either of you say let's do a conventional loan... it's easier. Everyone, including the underwriter, kept plugging away with a goal of "getting it done." What I appreciated most was everyone knew their job and they did it prfessionally and were very clear about what they needed. To be honest I think all the documents requested made sense.

    Closing went very smooth and the title company went out of their way to mention that while they had never heard of BOE Mortgage they were very impressed by your thoroughness and professionalism. They did note that VA loans are very difficult to process these days and this was the first one they have done in years.

    - John Kuranz - Santa Fe, NM
  • Please accept this letter as high praise for the exceptional work that Patrick and Kim performed in obtaining approval and closing data to complete the loan process for my new home. It has been over 20 years since I've purchased a house and knowing that I currently have two other homes in while I am attempting to sell, I was thrilled that your company was able to offer me financing for this home.

    It has been a very nerve-wrecking experience; however, the very kind and professional manner of your staff has made it much easier. I hope that BOE Mortgage Lending knows that they have two exceptional employees in their business. Please extend my heartfelt thank you to both Kim and Patrick for a job well done.

    I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone inquiring about a home loan. Again, thank you for all your help.

    - Paula C. Wilbourne - Gretna, VA
  • I'm a first time homebuyer, and I found BOE Mortgage Lending online. I called them and I was speaking with a representative from BOE Mortgage within probably like 10 minutes. He got all the information from me and he told me he call me right back and he called back within 3 or 4 hours and I was pre-approved and ready to go. The process was just so easy. It was real simple. The representative was extremely helpful. I had never done this before - it wasn't intimidating at all. I had a lot of questions and I'm sure I was difficult at times but they were just so patient. I never had a problem getting a hold of anybody at BOE Mortgage. I also had a really difficult situation. They had 3 or 4 different loans that were good for me, that suited my needs.

    I was moving from out of state, I didn't have a job in the other state and they just totally worked around it. And I had shopped around for a couple of weeks before that. I talked to 6 or 7 major lenders - really big lenders - and it was real short, real cut and try, either can or can't do it. The interest rates were not completive compared to BOE Mortgage. And the process was just so easy. The other thing that I loved about BOE Mortgage Lending was how quick we closed. I had to close on an out of state house. From Phoenix to Albuquerque we closed in 13 days which was a huge deal for me because my boyfriend was going though surgery and it was real quick and that was a big deal for me. I could always get in contact with BOE Mortgage either through email or on the phone. They would always be in contact with me within a couple of minutes. It was just an absolute wonderful experience. I thought it was going to be more stressful than it was.

    - Jennifer Cohen - Phoenix, AZ
  • I recently refinanced my home with BOE Mortgage and my experience was "top notch". My mortgage loan consultant was Dennis Harrelson and he did an outstanding job! Dennis really worked hard to help me accomplish my financial goals. Dennis and I first made contact back in November of 2011. At that time he advised me on what and how to make my current financial picture better so I would be in a better position to refinance.

    I followed his advice and several months later I contacted Dennis again to start the process. He was always very organized, detailed and thorough with the paperwork and requests of me for supporting documentation. He was also very timely with his responses to my questions and needs. Even when faced with technical issues at the last hour before closing Dennis got it done. My closing happened without issue and all the documents and numbers were accurate and as we discussed.

    In today's world people are often quick to complain but rarely take the time to tell people when they have done great work. So I thought you should hear from me how happy I am with BOE Mortgage and Dennis Harrelson.

    - Stacy Colton-Clark
  • From the first time I spoke with you, over four weeks ago, I felt confident that you were going to do ALL you could do to help us to obtain our dream home! You carefully explained to us what the process would be. You made no promises except to say you promised to give us the best service you possibly could. You.......BY FAR.....achieved your goal and definitely our goal. This is my husband and my fourth home we've owned in our lifetime. Out of ALL of our lenders during the lending approval process, you have been the BEST lender we have ever dealt with! One of the things I love the most about you Tim is the fact that you made us feel like "We Mattered"! I remember the first time you emailed me at 5:45 pm. I said to my husband, "most jobs are from nine to five, are you telling me this man is still working this late to get our loan approved"! You truly "WOW'D" us! I love how you always returned my emails and calls quickly! The team you have at BOE are very customer service driven! It's amazing how from the first person you speak with on the telephone (the receptionist), to the end right before you close, how pleasant and professional everyone is! We were quite impressed from the beginning! If you asked me what you could do to improve on your service, I would have no answer for you! All I could say is keep doing what you are's working!

    In closing Tim, I REALLY wonder if you REALLY know what you just accomplished. You helped a family that has always done great with paying their bills and living the best life they could live as far as trying to do the "right" thing" EXTREMELY HAPPY! Our family, unfortunately, fell into bad times as so many did due to the recession, lost both of our jobs and were unable to recover despite many attempts. In your mind, you may say you just closed another loan. In our minds, you did what 3 companies could not do merely because you had the experience, an awesome team and the heart to help a family that needed help and wanted so badly to get back on track accomplish! What you did for us.......MEANS MORE TO US THAN YOU WILL EVER know! We have shared our testimony with everyone we know! We will forever refer EVERYONE to you that we know that is considering purchasing a home!

    Thank you again Tim for making our dream come true! We love and appreciate you.......INFINITE!!!!!!

    - Geronimo & Mary Evans - Florida