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Save Money While Fully Embracing Fall

Published: September 2019
Author: Bank of England Mortgage Staff

Save Money While Fully Embracing Fall Money Saving Meals
Meal prep! Every money saving list includes this but it still is true! You are more likely to pick something up if you have to come home and cook a meal after a long work day. During the colder months a Crockpot will be your best friend when meal prepping. Having a day that you make different crockpot meals and then freeze them for the next week or two can be a money and time saver.

Here is a step by step process to making the freezer meals.

Free Fall Activities
Have a stockpile of free/cheap events that you can do with friends and family. Cheap activities that happen during the fall are apple picking, harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, farmers markets and corn mazes. Another fun Fall activity is a soup swap with friends. Everyone brings a soup that is enough for everyone. People can then take-home leftovers.

“Bad Day” Spending
Avoid “bad day” spending by finding go-to fixes that aren’t costly. Wanting to go shopping? Hit up a few thrift stores in your area, you might be surprised what you find. Stressed from work? Listen to free podcast on your commute or while working at the office. Need some comfort food? Have an emergency frozen pizza.

Declutter your home and fill your wallet.
Declutter your home and sell it in a garage sale, at resell shops or a resell app. With your earnings you can either put the money in savings or make a Holiday gift fund. Having the money as a gift fund is perfect way to make yourself stay on a budget. It is easy to get carried away buying special (expensive) gift for loved ones.

Prep you Home for the colder weather.
Check the filters in your heating and air units, keeping them maintained could save you from having to replace them. Replacing either will easily cost you into the thousands. You should do annual maintenance and monthly filter changes to keep your systems running at their best. Another tip about keeping your units clean is cleaning the outside of any pollen, leaves, and other debris.

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