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Start Saving Early = Less Competition for Homes

Published: November 2020
Author: Bank of England Mortgage Staff

The peak time to buy and sell homes is in the summer months. When fall arrives people want to start settling down getting ready for school and the holiday season. But this doesn’t mean there are plenty of people still wanting to sell. Meaning you can take your time when choosing a home without the worry of it getting snatched up.

1. Sellers Are Ready to Sell

Either their house was on the market for a multiple months even through the peak season or they are wanting to move before the year's end. Both scenarios make for a seller that is willing to negotiate especially if you can comply with their schedule.

2. You Will Get More Professional Attention

When buying a home you work with a multitude of professionals that get you into your home. Your real estate agents, mortgage lenders, property appraisers, closing attorneys, property insurance agents, and surveyors will have less clients and will get your home processed faster. This also may be a great time for first time home buyers so they can be walked through the complicated process.

3. Year-End Sales

At the end of the year there are sales that you can take advantage of to furnish your new home. Black Friday is a great example of a day to get deals on some bigger appliances that you may need. You can even wait till after the New Year and get deals from people trying to declutter their homes.

4. Moving Will Be More Bearable

A small thing that will make the moving process better is you will not be melting from the summer heat. Fall temperatures make the heavy lifting and constant in and out of the house more enjoyable. You can also make your new home extra cozy with fall decor and candles.

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